CSR – We support your passion!

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CSR is an abbreviation of the slogan Corporate Social Responsibility, which translated into Polish means corporate social responsibility.

In practice, corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be understood as investing enterprises in human resources, relations with the company’s environment and informing about these activities, which contributes to the increase of the company’s competitiveness and shaping the conditions for sustainable social and economic development.

The sports stadium at the Primary School in Dębowa Kłoda (Armii Krajowej) is already known to some of our employees – not only because the children of our employees from the Dębowa Kłoda branch spend their time on the pitch. We mentioned several times about the stadium, the support provided and what CSR is. The company Karol Kania i Synowie has implemented a project jointly with the Dębowa Kloda Commune: “Cultivating tradition, culture and history” consisting in the expansion of the sports field at the primary school by building a 3-row stand. However, this is not the end of the support provided – in 2020, reserve benches were built to complete the missing element of the pitch. Thanks to this, children, adolescents and sportsmen have good conditions for training and cheering. It also has a significant impact on the image of the commune. A few days ago, we had the opportunity to visit this place – our banner “We support your Passions” was hung on the stands, a match was played – the youth gave their all! You will be able to see more in the video presenting our CSR activities – the premiere is coming soon.