Superfood mushrooms!

kania – dobre praktyki

In our company Karol Kania i Synowie we truly care about promoting healthy eating – even though our mission is primarily to produce the highest quality soil for growing mushrooms, we are also deeply committed to having an influence on increasing the awareness of good, healthy eating. Mushrooms as a superfood is a fairly recent discovery – from time to time the media provide information on the benefits of eating mushrooms – however in general public awareness mushrooms still function as a food with no nutritional value, which of course is a mistake. The sporocarp of a mushroom is a great source of L-tryptophan and 5-hydroxytryptophan from L-tryptophan. Sounds complicated? Those substances prevent depression, anxiety, insomnia, and tendencies to overeat. Mushrooms can be an alternative to red meat which is particularly important in a vegetarian diet. The skin of the mushroom cap is rich in elements such as sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, as well as indole and fenol compounds which prevent cancer and other diseases. Recently the media is focused on coronavirus – getting sick is what we talk and write about a lot, however little consideration is given to natural disease prevention, while it is good healthy diet, among other things, that plays a crucial role in the condition of our immunity system. Let’s eat healthily and deliciously. Mushrooms are our allies!